Harlow Tennis Club Facilities

picture of clubhouse

Harlow Tennis Club facilities consist of;- 4 all weather courts (3 floodlit), surround netting, club house and car park. These were installed or built at various times and need to be maintained, up rated or replaced at various intervals.
Three courts were initially laid down in 1961. They were relaid as all-weather courts in 1992. A fourth all weather court was laid down in 1999.
Maintenance required is pressure washing and moss killing. This is currently applied on courts 1 & 2 every year and to courts 3 & 4 every 2 years. This is subject to review. All courts were repainted in 2008 with Grade 5 grit paint (net ball specified paint) as it gave better wet grip than the Grade 4 recommended by the LTA and which was previousley applied to court 4.
Courts 1 and 2 were resurfaced in 2014.
Replacement of nets and centre bands etc. are as and when required (approximately 3-4 years).

Surround Netting
Initially installed 1980 on courts 1, 2 & 3. and on court 4 in 1999. Most of the netting around the perimeter of courts 1, 2 & 3 were replaced in 2004. Only that between courts 2 & 3 and some other short sections have not been replaced within recent years.

Club House
This is a brick built structure with UPVC window frames built in 1992. Regular maintenance is only required externally on door, facia and rendered walls (every 3-4 years). Inside decoration renovated every 5 years.

Initially installed on courts 1 & 2 in 1989 and on court 4 in 1999. The lights on courts 1 & 2 were replaced in October 2005 and updated in January 2009.

Car Park
This was laid in 1999 and consists of crushed smalls which will need replenishing periodically. Hopefully this will not be very expensive.